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DAIDO Launchpad

DAIDO (DAO Initial Dex Offering) is a form of Launchpad based on the symbiosis of IDO and DAICO. It is a new model of token sale process government based on the principles of the decentralized autonomous organization where all decisions about investment in a particular project are made through voting.
DAO.vc offers a complex governance solution that enables the initiation of token emission, token sale launch, and token utility provision. All mechanics are developed with the help of DAO Smart-Contracts that launch investment rounds and unlock the budget required within the project while distributing it according to vesting and milestones, providing a convenient fundraising process and reliable budgeting mechanics.
Benefits for investors:
Benefits for startups:
Investment protection in various blockchains.
Clear funds allocation with a predictable schedule.
Participation in the voting process for project governance.
Fundraising in several blockchains.
Project releases budgeting.
Control over the token sale process.
Investment risks decrease.
World-wide fundraising.

Funds allocation

Funds for a specific project are gathered with the help of the Governance smart contract and form a selected project pool, where they are unlocked at project stages. If a project does not reach a required stage, all funds raised are returned to the Governance smart contract and can be withdrawn by investors.
The way DAIDO is realized on DAO.vc:
  • funds are distributed not at once, but as the project roadmap is realized;
  • thanks to the DAIDO model, every startup can submit an application to be placed on DAO.vc;
  • everyone can apply for allocation under DAIDO launchpad token sale participation rules;
  • project tokens will also be offered to replenish the DAO.vc community pool portfolio by voting.

Tokenized pool formation system

DAO.vc realizes the entire DAIDO potential to protect the commercial interests of its community:
  • At the first stage, the startup gets only a limited part of financing that must be directed to realize the events planned in the project roadmap.
  • As the following key events are realized, project A gets another tranche. Entrepreneurs get the total sum only when the project is over and the product is on the market.
Funds are raised for the specific project with the help of the smart-contract (Governance contract) and form the dedicated project pool, where funds are unlocked upon the project milestones progress.

DAIDO Modules

  • Exchange rates synchronizer: a module that synchronizes current exchange rates with the PriceOracle contracts for every cryptocurrency pair and places them in a database.
  • Event monitor: a module that monitors transfers through a knot. The transfer processor is a module that monitors and processes transfers. It registers all events in the database and updates the token investor balance.
  • Transaction tracker: a module that assigns a personal key to every transaction and monitors its inclusion in a blockchain. It can also resend the transaction to the network if processing takes too much time.
  • Database: storage for system estimates.
  • Coinmarketcap: cryptocurrency price aggregator that provides relevant data for system calculations.