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Project tokens and Token use case

DAOvc governance token is the token that enables users to govern the platform according to the DAO principles:
  • vote for decision-making regarding the platform governance;
  • participate in startups selection for the inclusion to the incubation program;
  • use the paid functionality of the trading platform and social network;
  • manage the distribution of the DAOvc index fund capital;
  • make proposals for new pools;
  • get bonuses from the ecosystem activity.
DAOvc governance token will be used for all payments on the platform. To avoid problems with price fluctuation, the prices on the platform will be converted to US dollars, but the payment process will be performed only in the DAOvc tokens.It will increase the utility of the governance token and, in its turn, form an additional pool of the DAOvc tokens that will be stored on a separate smart contract in the process of specific functions payment. These tokens stored on a separate smart contract will be paid off to active token holders and ecosystem participants. Taking into account that the majority of existing DAO work on the creation of the mechanisms forcing token holders to actively participate in the life of DAO, DAO.vc makes the contribution thus motivating constant participants of the voting.A possibility of the DAOvc token farming will be additionally realized. A received funds pool will be allocated exclusively between the registered token holders, who connected their wallets with a positive balance and committed a number of actions on the platform including voting and participation in staking pools, as well as participation in ambassadors and partnership programs. As the community grows, we will attract ambassadors from various regions and stimulate their activity using the linkage to awards for activity and effectiveness.If funds on smart contracts are not spent on the repayment of the mentioned above, DAO.vc also provides the possibility of token burn.
vcDAO LP token is the tokenized liquidity pool token ensured by the tokens of all projects that went through the LaunchLab incubation, as well as by the tokens owned by DAO.vc. It indicates the index of token activity within the platform and is used to:
  • pay for the project acceleration and token sale for blockchain projects;
  • pay for the allocation of early-stage projects funds;
  • risks diversification and participation in several projects at once.


Limited token emission is 100 000 000 DAOvc in total. The token sale process is as follows:
  1. 1.
    At the initial stage, 20% of the total number of tokens are released and offered for purchase.
  2. 2.
    The remaining 80% of tokens will be unfrozen and offered for purchase to users as the project grows through voting with the existing users.
Seed round
Private Sale
Public Sale
Number: 6 818 182 (34.1%).
Number: 11 818 182 (59.1%).
Number: 1 363 636 (6.8%).
Price: USD 0.044.
Price: USD 0.066.
Price: USD 0.088.
8% unlocks on TGE; 10% unlocks monthly.
12% unlocks on TGE; 10% unlocks monthly.
30% unlocks on TGE; 30% unlocks monthly.

Token allocation