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Social platform and startup marketplace

DAO.vc unites a single open base of IT and blockchain startups, as well as a platform for communication between community members: startups, investors, and partners. Moreover, DAO.vc acts as a platform that unites employers, employees, and freelancers, offering a major pool of vacancies on the one hand and quality specialists on the other hand; fast and convenient.
Every project on the marketplace has gone through expertise assessment and meets high-reliability requirements. Every startup can submit an application to be placed on the platform. After being processed by the DAO.vc experts and verified for fraud/viability, the application is transferred to all governance token holders. In the voting section, they will see all startups that submitted applications and can vote for or against their inclusion in the index fund.
Possibilities for startup owners:
Possibilities for token holders:
Possibilities for employers:
Possibilities for freelancers and candidates:
Submission of applications for the incubation in the LaunchLab program.
Participation in co-investment program.
Relevant vacancies placement.
Placement of CVs and offers for quick work search.
Project monitoring, testing, and launch.
Possibility of becoming a member of the limited venture partnership.
Staff recruitment from a single base of CV for full-time or project work.
Search for orders from employers to perform individual tasks.
Staff recruitment.
Possibility to offer services to projects.
Reaching professional agencies for partnership.
Exchange of news and other information with the community and potential investors.
Build business communications with other ecosystem participants.
Community formation at all stages of project development.
Part-time or full-time staff recruitment.