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Venture partnership

The partnership is registered in Luxembourg and has an AIFM (alternative investment fund management) license. Due to the huge pool of partners and the DAO.vc ecosystem's own tools, the Partnership has access to funding for promising startups at an early stage, which guarantees the best conditions and allows for a profitable distribution of investments in the long term.

Venture partnership investment focus

The main company sectors in our portfolio are blockchain and technology startups in the traditional IT industry. The fund's assets are owed their diversification by the broad representation of the industries and how these companies' areas of activity aren't limited at all.

The way it works:

  • Investor funds are channeled into a partnership pool, which is used to invest in the early stages of development.
  • Some promising startups receive incubation payments from the fund in return for 10% of the startups' equity in the pre-seed round and a 10% success fee from seed round earnings.
  • Other startups receive development funds in exchange for a share of the project.