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Launch Laboratory

Participation in the Launch Laboratory incubation program helps startups get support from the best industry experts even at an early stage of development. Launch Laboratory provides a complete complex of services: from project packaging to finance attraction and startups entering the market.

Launch Laboratory concept

The DAO.vc ecosystem incubator works with the best, selected IT projects and blockchain startups, providing services in exchange for project tokens. Early-stage startups are assisted with the launch and development in key directions, including packaging, marketing, legalization, HR, and others.
Launch Laboratory acts as a tokenization provider and takes over almost the whole spectre of upcoming tasks for project launch:
  • Outer packaging: website, corporate identity, branding, promo, pitch deck, marketing promotion, PR, and community management.
  • Financial packaging: business plan, financial model, unit economy, marketing plan, investment attraction, and co-investment.
  • Legal packaging: opening of the legal entity, preparation of the complete package of documents, support, and consulting.
  • IR and partnership: selecting partners and investors, communication, and representation of startup interests.
  • Full cycle marketing support of a project — holistic marketing strategy formation.

Who benefits from

Launch Laboratory incubator becomes an indispensable assistant for young business in blockchain, IT, DeFi, or related spheres, and is ideal for:
  • Owners of existing startups or project authors.
  • Startups that went through the LaunchLab program and want to enlarge their partnership.
  • The DAO.vc partners with their personal investment offer.

Working mechanism

  1. 1.
    The startup submits a request to participate in the LaunchLab program.
  2. 2.
    The commission of experts considers applications and selects projects for acceleration.
  3. 3.
    Startups place their crowdfunding campaigns on the DAO.vc startup marketplace platform.
  4. 4.
    Startups enter the market and get their first income.