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Market problems

Barriers of entry

The first and main problem the end-user faces is a high barrier of entry into venture investment that becomes a stumbling block for 50% and more of possible DAO participants.The first solution that can possibly eliminate the problem is the development of a simple and understandable interface that enables users to connect wallets as a basis for registration and authorization.The second solution will be an intuitively understandable instrument for project offers and voting that will make this approach as easy as answering a message on smartphones after notification.The third solution will become the implementation of a single base of verified projects that are proposed both by the community and the DAO organizers.The result of the combination of Web 2.0 use and Web 3.0 technologies will become the development of an understandable crowdfunding instrument available to everyone. At the same time, the solution will be secure, reliable, and scalable for future development.

Low return

The second problem of the DAO market is that crowdfunding alone brings less profit than the pool of the same type of participants, since they do not have the possibility to save money on fees.Secondly, the users find it difficult to analyze big masses of data like news, analytics, leading experts' opinions, etc. in one flow.Thirdly, users do not receive “capital bonuses” because they lack capital.Fourthly, the selection problem is extremely acute, since there exist numerous platforms, but none of them offers outstanding services or products.DAO.vc eliminates these problems while being architecturally, visually, and technically developed for their solution. In particular, users get specific benefits for the use of the service.

High risks

ICO and IDO as popular forms of crowdfunding many loopholes open for fraud: diversion of tokens based on project tokenomics, gaps with the liquidity pool in couple of months, open SCAM of the whole project, etc. DAIDO, being a new model of tokensale processes governance, enables investing in IT startups and blockchain projects with no need to invest more than $1 billion and no risks of failure of one or several startups since you invest in their index.