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DAO.vc products

DAO.vc is a complex ecosystem that unities startups, investors, and freelancers. DAO.vc solves every problem parties usually face, thus creating a personal space that combines growth and possibilities with the security and yield of investors. DAO.vc successfully unites all existing instruments of venture investment in one platform and makes them accessible to any user, being simultaneously a single platform for a fast and successful startup launch.
A specific set of products is developed for each of the audience segments of the project. Step by step, we optimize and create a new experience for everyone who wants to discover the world of crypto and IT investing.
Thus, investors can find promising projects to interact with, startups can grow comfortably in the market, interact with contractors and specialists, and successfully engage in fundraising. Freelancers, on the other hand, can find a team and ways to perform in the most promising projects.
You gain access to such opportunities:
  • marketplace and social network for the representatives of the venture capital industry;
  • platform for headhunters and freelancers;
  • Launch Laboratory startup incubator;
  • special limited venture partnership, registered in Luxembourg;
  • blockchain-based community pool;
  • decentralized and autonomous governance;
  • crowdfunding and crowdinvesting platform;
  • co-investment partnership model.

Possibilities for investors

  • Access to the best projects in IT, DeFi, and blockchain industry.
  • Communication with startups and creation of personal investment offers.
  • Bonuses for participation in a major pool.
  • Access to the base of the best market specialists.
New generation investment platform DAO.vc offers reliable and secure investment in a big tokenized pool governed by society. We offer thoroughly selected and prepared startups for high-level risk diversification, as well as convenient instruments for analytics and financing.

Possibilities for startups

  • Financing from the DAO.vc partners within the LaunchLab incubation program.
  • The help from the most talented specialists in the industry.
  • Publications about the project progress and news.
  • Evaluations and feedback from the leading experts of the industry.
DAO.vc provides startup owners with a complex solution for project packaging, launch, and development. We have an impressive base of professional investors, ensure integration in the ecosystems of major companies, and develop cooperation with well-known mentors and experts.

Possibilities for freelancers

  • Work in the best DeFi startups under flexible conditions.
  • Access to the latest sectoral information and analytics.
DAO.vc offers a big pool of vacancies for quality specialists, posting resumes for work searches in prominent blockchain companies and IT startups, and profitable offers from employers to perform individual tasks.