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DAO.vc is a decentralized non-profit organization whose mission is to develop an ecosystem for launching projects in Web3. DAO members participate in governance and profit from all ecosystem tools:
  • Social Network - payment for additional functionality
  • Venture Partnership - success fee
  • DAIDO LaunchPad - success fee
  • Launch Laboratory - commercial orders
Categories of tokenholders:
  1. 1.
    Observer investors. Holders of $DAOvc utility tokens are token holders not registered on the platform (note: I bought $DAOvc tokens somewhere, but I do not participate in the system)
2. Managing members. Governance NFT Owners - Registered Users
One Governance NFT can be claimed for free by the owner of 25,000 $DAOvc at the time of the announcement or bought on the site after that for 100,000 $DAOvc
3. Investing members. Governance NFT holders who have staked $DAOvc from $10k (note: I have Governance NFT, I bought additional $DAOvc tokens and staked them on a contract to invest in projects)
4. Active investment participants. Token holders voting in more than 50% of all votes who have staked $DAOvc from $10k (note: I have Governance NFT, I bought additional $DAOvc tokens, staked them on a contract and regularly participate in voting)

Earnings distribution:

Project profit in $DAOvc is distributed among internal funds:
  • Fund of Managing Participants - 20%
  • Fund of Investing Members - 20%
  • Fund of Active Investors - 10%
  • Staking / Farming pool - 10%
  • Marketing Cost Fund - 10%
  • Reserve fund. Wallet managed by tokenholders - 10%
  • Launch Laboratory Foundation. Funds intended to pay salaries and other expenses of the incubator - 20%
The cumulative principle applies! A tokenholder can belong to several groups at the same time. For example, he is a registered user, staked tokens and votes in more than 50% of the votes