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Multipliers increase the weight of votes and shares in funds in such a way that there are several Governance NFTs on the tokenholder's wallet.
Note: You have Governance NFT and x3 multiplier in your wallet. You receive three shares from the Governing Participants pool instead of one, and your voting weight is three times stronger than Governance NFT holders without a multiplier.
You can get multipliers for your contribution to the development of DAO.vc or just buy on the platform.

Categories of users eligible to participate in DAIDO LaunchPad token sales

  • Observer Investors - $DAOvc holders - x1 chance to get an allocation
  • Managing partners - holders of Governance NFT - x5 chance to get an allocation
  • Investing partners - x10 chance to get an allocation
  • Active investment partners - x20 chance to get an allocation
This multiplier increases the chance of receiving allocations in projects when there are more people who want to purchase a project token than the number of available tokens on the launchpad (a randomizer is used to select winners)
After receiving the allocation, the user gets the opportunity to redeem tokens for the maximum amount available under the terms of a particular token sale (exact amounts will vary depending on many variables)